Download A/B Test Development for Beginners

Learn to harness the power of JavaScript with:

  • a mini-guide that is created for people without any programming experience.
  • a detailed breakdown of 13 A/B test scripts.
  • challenges to change the code in order to get a better understanding.
  • a downloadable package of all the code you can try out on any computer.
  • a mini-guide that teaches code concepts supported by visuals.

With only a few lines of code you will learn to:

move elements:

  • into a different parent.
  • before another element.
  • after another element.

add elements:

  • with attributes.
  • that are a copy of an existing element.
  • containing different elements.
  • to replace existing elements.

manipulate attributes:

  • to style elements.
  • to hide elements.
  • add placeholders.

manipulate text:

  • containing certain specific words.
  • containing certain numbers.
  • containing certain symbols.

Download A/B Test Development for Beginners!