About me

My name is Jeroen Wiersma. I live in the Netherlands with my girlfriend. I work for one of the top 100 e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands. I lead the on-site conversion optimization activities within this company and maintain multiple software platforms.

I describe myself as the jack of all trades within online-marketing because I have experience in a wide range of subjects. My experience is in Design, Front-end development, Conversion rate optimization, E-mail marketing, User Experience Design, and Customer Data Platforms.

I started this blog to increase my own knowledge of the work field and teach other people some of the tricks I found while working in a marketing team for an online store.

I hope you find my content useful and informative! Check out my recent posts down here!

Recent posts

  • Persuasion principles from Cialdini to catch lost visitors on your website
    Introduction See what I did there? I used a persuasion principle in the title of this blog to entice people to click on my article because people have the fear of missing out on visitors.  I will elaborate on this specific persuasion principle later in this article because I want to explain the concept first. This article will describe different persuasion principles you can use and why they are so effective. Furthermore, I will discuss when you can use these principles and where they can be applied based on bigger websites that already use them.  Why should you use persuasion […]
  • Heat map testing with Hotjar: How to set it up?
    Introduction to heat map testing Did you know that heat map testing can give you a lot of insights about the behavior of your users on your website? Because it gives a swift visual presentation of click, scroll & tap rates on elements of your website. This information can be used to strengthen your existing hypothesis or find new issues that need further research.  First, this article will explain what heat maps are and what kind of heatmaps exist for analyzing your website. Secondly, it describes the reasons to start heat map testing and a platform that can be used […]
  • How to analyze a value proposition example?
    The title of this article is a good value proposition example to the users reading this blog because it describes the thing or information that is of value to the user. It is very important for the conversion rate of a landing page for many reasons.  First of all, it will be the first thing the user reads on your page, therefore it needs to resonate with your users. Another reason is the way you are displayed in the Google search results because a bad value proposition will attract a lot less traffic to your website. Finally, it describes the […]
  • How to evaluate your Google Optimize ab test with Google Analytics?
    Why evaluate your ab test with google analytics? You are using Google Optimize to run tests on your website because you want to improve your conversion rates. Why would you need to evaluate your ab test with Google Analytics? Imagine this: When you finally finished tests after waiting for two weeks something catches your eye in the results. It says the test has failed and you should start a new test because you are probably not going to reach significance anyway.  Don’t despair because there still might be hope for the research you have done. Evaluating your tests further in […]
  • How to use the Google Optimize a b testing tool?
    Google optimize a b testing can be very rewarding for your company or business if you master the tool. Getting the tool to work for you can be difficult for beginners because it offers so many options. This article is a beginner’s guide for people that want to get into a b testing for no start-up costs at all! I personally use Google Optimize in my everyday job and recommend it to small company’s that have no experience with a b testing. Check out Google Optimize!
  • Fifteen places to start with conversion rate optimization
    Where do I begin? You know you want to optimize your website but you don’t know where to start. Deciding where to start with conversion rate optimization doesn’t have the be difficult. Here are fifteen places that you can start to explore for opportunities. 1: Pricing on the product pages A very interesting page to start analyzing are the pages where prices are displayed because the visual appearance of a price can have a big effect on the visitors of your website. This can have even more effective when the price is displayed on the product page because of the […]