Value proposition analysis with zero budget: A practical guide

Do you ever feel like people just don’t get the value proposition of your business?

Because they probably don’t.

It happens to a lot of businesses because of a value proposition that does not resonate with the user.

We created a checklist to make sure your value proposition is ready for testing on your landing page.

This is a way of optimizing your value proposition when you don’t have the budget to pay for a copy research team.

To educate you with the process we have collected 16 value propositions from known brands and analyze them using the checklist in this article. But first the basics.


Is your company ready to start with conversion optimization?

Have you ever wondered if your company is ready to start with conversion optimization?

You should!

Not every company is ready to start with testing its product.

Here is a checklist of the things you need to consider before you can start improving your product and getting your first win!


5 common reasons why your a/b test results are inconclusive

Are you sure that your results are statistically valid? A lot of optimizers fail to recognize when their results are inconclusive and are shocked when the conversion rate drops after implementing a change.

Here are 5 common reasons why your results are inconclusive:

Digital Psychology

Perceived value: 7 ways to increase it

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the same applies to the value of products. A lot of the perceived value can be increased by small changes on your website. Which in turn can raise revenue and customer loyalty. 

Here are 7 ways of increasing the perceived value of your client’s products & services.

Digital Psychology

Serial position effect: Using structure to boost conversion-rate

Red, blue, yellow, grey, green & grey. Did you know that most people are more likely to remember the first and the last color of that sentence? This is a very basic example of the serial position effect.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand what the serial position effect is and how you can use it in your conversion optimization process.

Furthermore, this article will contain exactly what the serial position does, supported by research and examples. It will describe who theorized the serial position effect and why it is important to understand it.

Finally, this article will describe how this effect relates to online business and how you can use it to increase your conversion rate. 

Digital Analytics

Google Analytics 4: Is it worth upgrading?

Have you already seen the notification at the top of your Google Analytics report saying that there is a new version of Google Analytics available for all users; Google Analytics 4. The first thing that was going around in my head was how much time and money it would take to transition to this new software? Do we have to relearn the whole software and what things are we going to lose?

I was interested so I decided to write this article to educate myself and other readers on the decision to upgrade to Google Analytics 4.

This article will contain the reason why the software has been developed and what the new features are. We are going to take a look at the costs and how you can upgrade from Google Analytics 4. Finally, I will help you to decide when you should upgrade and transition to this new version.

Digital Psychology

Ten reasons for shopping cart abandonment

Imagine a user adds thousands of dollars worth of items in their shopping cart at Walmart. Just before this person goes to the cash registry he decides to leave and go home. You could imagine the frustration felt by the shop manager as this has an immediate effect on their revenue. He or she wondered why the customer left the transaction and would like to prevent that in the future. A simple question for the customer the next time he returns can help find the reason why the shopping cart abandonment occurred.

This same event can happen easily in your online store without even noticing it. It’s important to find the biggest frustrations that your users have in the shopping cart to prevent them all together because it can increase the user experience and your revenue.

This article describes some of the biggest reasons why users leave the shopping cart. This can be used to research your users and find out if they might be having the same problems on your website. All the described reasons are obtained from renowned scientific research.


8 best practices for error messages

Don’t you hate it when you see a big red error message on your screen? You are trying to complete a simple task on the computer but are unable to find out what the problem is and how to fix it.

 A well-designed error message would have prevented this frustration and might have helped you in completing the task at hand.

In this article, I found a bunch of useful best practices for improving the error messages on your platform to improve the user experience.


My conversion optimization process: in 16 steps

In this guide, I will tell you the conversion optimization process I have used to get results at the company I work for and how you can use this process for yourself. I will describe all the steps and what tools I use to execute them. Finally, I will share with your the spreadsheet I use to facilitate the whole process so you can get started for yourself.

Increasing the performance of your website can be extremely daunting because of the number of aspects involved with achieving this goal. There are tools around that tell you that you can easily increase your website’s revenue if you use their tool. 

Articles online tell you best practices but rarely touch upon the most important aspect. You need to have a process to be able to grow your business continually. The process will keep you heading in the right direction and give you the highest chance of reaching significant results. 


What is conversion optimization?

Did you know that almost every big online company practices conversion optimization? This profession has been around for a while but more and more companies are using it to grow their business. 

A 2017 study by Econsultancy shows that companies find that conversion optimization is more important every year.

Importance of conversion optimization

It’s less crucial but that makes sense because it isn’t the basis of a company. Before you start optimizing you need to make sure the crucial parts of your company are in order. In an e-commerce organization, this would be your customer service and logistics for example.

Some people fail to grasps the importance of conversion optimization because they don’t understand it’s meaning. What follows is a company that doesn’t improve its service and stays behind in the market until they are finally extinct.

In this article, I will start by describing what conversion optimization is and how it is defined. Then I want to describe why conversion optimization is important and the goal of practicing it. 

Furthermore, I want to describe how to achieve those goals and why data-based decisions are important.

After that, I will describe what kinds of results you can expect and when you should consider starting conversion optimization. I will also describe if you are ever done optimizing and what kind of people are conversion optimizers. 

Finally, I will talk about the skills that conversion optimizers possess and where you can start learning about becoming a conversion optimizer yourself.