How to use the Google Optimize a b testing tool?

Google optimize a b testing can be very rewarding for your company or business if you master the tool. Getting the tool to work for you can be difficult for beginners because it offers so many options.

This article is a beginner’s guide for people that want to get into a b testing for no start-up costs at all! I personally use Google Optimize in my everyday job and recommend it to small company’s that have no experience with a b testing. Check out Google Optimize!

Google Optimize Dashboard
Google Optimize Dashboard – 2020

Fifteen places to start with conversion rate optimization

Where do I begin?

You know you want to optimize your website but you don’t know where to start. Deciding where to start with conversion rate optimization doesn’t have the be difficult. Here are fifteen places that you can start to explore for opportunities.

1: Pricing on the product pages

A very interesting page to start analyzing are the pages where prices are displayed because the visual appearance of a price can have a big effect on the visitors of your website. This can have even more effective when the price is displayed on the product page because of the size of the pricing and the proximity to the transaction. Another way of optimizing this is by adjusting your prices automatically to undercut or match your competitors. Software like Greendeck can help you to automate this proces and get a lot of extra customers.

Pricing on NIKE product page
Nike product page pricing – 2020