Digital Psychology

Perceived value: 7 ways to increase it

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the same applies to the value of products. A lot of the perceived value can be increased by small changes on your website. Which in turn can raise revenue and customer loyalty. 

Here are 7 ways of increasing the perceived value of your client’s products & services.

Digital Psychology

Serial position effect: Using structure to boost conversion-rate

Red, blue, yellow, grey, green & grey. Did you know that most people are more likely to remember the first and the last color of that sentence? This is a very basic example of the serial position effect.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand what the serial position effect is and how you can use it in your conversion optimization process.

Furthermore, this article will contain exactly what the serial position does, supported by research and examples. It will describe who theorized the serial position effect and why it is important to understand it.

Finally, this article will describe how this effect relates to online business and how you can use it to increase your conversion rate. 

Digital Psychology

Ten reasons for shopping cart abandonment

Imagine a user adds thousands of dollars worth of items in their shopping cart at Walmart. Just before this person goes to the cash registry he decides to leave and go home. You could imagine the frustration felt by the shop manager as this has an immediate effect on their revenue. He or she wondered why the customer left the transaction and would like to prevent that in the future. A simple question for the customer the next time he returns can help find the reason why the shopping cart abandonment occurred.

This same event can happen easily in your online store without even noticing it. It’s important to find the biggest frustrations that your users have in the shopping cart to prevent them all together because it can increase the user experience and your revenue.

This article describes some of the biggest reasons why users leave the shopping cart. This can be used to research your users and find out if they might be having the same problems on your website. All the described reasons are obtained from renowned scientific research.

Digital Psychology

Persuasion principles from Cialdini to catch lost visitors on your website


See what I did there? I used a persuasion principle in the title of this blog to entice people to click on my article because people have the fear of missing out on visitors.  I will elaborate on this specific persuasion principle later in this article because I want to explain the concept first. This article will describe different persuasion principles you can use and why they are so effective. Furthermore, I will discuss when you can use these principles and where they can be applied based on bigger websites that already use them. 

Why should you use persuasion principles?

These principles are used by most organizations in the world because they are proven to have a significant effect on users’ decisions. A big influencer in this field is Robert B. Cialdini. His book about the Psychology of persuasion explains the psychology of why people say “yes” – and how to apply these understandings (Cialdini, R.B. (1993)).

You can use them to strengthen your copy and build the whole experiments around them. Don’t just apply these techniques without testing them first because the effect of these persuasion principles will be different depending on the website and its customers.

These changes are usually very easy to get set up and can give a significant boost to your conversion rate if used in the right places on your website.