LeadPal review: Growing your e-mail list outside of your website

Review of: LeadPal

Use: E-mail list building


Building lists outside of your website has never been so effective.


The price is fair.

Ease of use

Once you get your sign-up page setup you can use the link for pretty much everything.


Good enough.


  • Off-site lead generation
  • Opt-in using social media
  • Verified e-mail addresses


  • Requires a bit of setup time to get the branding right

LeadPal review summary:

This software can really increase the number of opt-ins using the social media login feature. It will also increase the average value of your email list because the emails are validated by the social platforms in advance. 

The software can be effective for all businesses but it has the most potential for smaller businesses because you are able to get emails off-site.

The main feature of this software is creating links to a custom landing page with a bunch of social opt-in possibilities. The software lets you set these up quickly and monitor your progress on the dashboard.

The goal of this software is to grow your email list and uses the proven method of social authentication to make this process simple for the user. Because of the value of your email list, you will break even on the costs in no time if you have monetized your email campaigns.

When does the offer start?

The offer starts on August 8th at 10:00 am EST and lasts till the August 13th @ Midnight 11:59 pm EST.

LeadPal review overview of packages

Growing your email list can be daunting

I am fairly new to the blogging world and I have been trying to grow my email list ever since I started. I found that this can take a lot of time as a new blogger because I don’t have a lot of traffic. Yet it’s so important to build that list for growing your blog.

Some people did subscribe to me through my website but these emails looked very weird. Turns out they were fake email addresses or misspelled because none of them actually received or opened any of my emails.

I am a part of a bunch of blogger groups and I started asking around how they solved this problem. Most of them said to be patient and that it will grow in the future and I agree with that but some actually said something different. They actually build their email list off-site using other people’s traffic.

No one actually said how the would go about doing that. I needed something that could help me grow my email list off-site and then I found LeadPal. I still needed to make sure this was the right fit for me.

Does LeadPal fit your business?

Before I buy a piece of software I always look at some of the requirements you need for the software to be effective. When looking at this software I actually found there are very few. 

The most important one is that you know what your target group is and on what websites and platforms they hang out. You also need to make sure you are allowed and able to share links on those platforms to be able to make it effective. 

I think the software could match any size business as it makes collecting emails more effective but the potential for smaller businesses is bigger because you are able to grow your email list at a faster rate than waiting the SEO start to kick in. This way you are able to quickly build an email list and start sending campaigns to them.

Are you facing any of these problems?

  • Getting traffic to your opt-in page takes a lot of work
  • Some of the leads you get are bogus which decreases your profits per lead
  • Because your visitors have to enter their email address manually, many just won’t do it due to having a short attention span
  • Setting up an opt-in page can be incredibly time-consuming and require some technical skills
  • You have to make sure you’re compliant with regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR to avoid hefty fines

Then LeadPal is the answer! I love using this software to get leads as a smaller website because you don’t need the traffic to get them anymore!

What is LeadPal?

LeadPal is a software that helps you grow your e-mail list using 1-click opt-in buttons. This eliminates the need for forms. They won’t have to type in their e-mail address and click submit because they can quickly use a social button to do the same action. This software will get the e-mails from their accounts so you won’t have to worry about people mistyping their e-mail.

Another reason is that customers lie on their registration forms. When users OPTIN using an existing social profile, there’s a much higher likelihood that the data is truthful because you are using their social profiles. These social networks will usually verify these e/mail addresses and therefore eliminating false identities.

Social buttons

How does LeadPal work?

Review how it works

The software is cloud-based and allows you to create lead generation campaigns in 60 seconds or less. The problem with websites is that opt-forms require the user to be on the website. You need to get the user to your site in the first place. By using these smart campaigns you can. Imagine sharing your campaign links to forums, social media groups, and platforms that will give you a bigger reach for growing your list then you could ever imagine.

Example platforms would be:

  • Google Leads
  • Microsoft Leads
  • Facebook Leads
  • Twitter Leads
  • Apple Leads
  • Linkedin Leads
  • Yahoo Leads
  • Amazon Leads

Then automatically synchronize your collected leads to any of these platforms! This way you can start sending emails right away.

LeadPal integration possibilities

Setting up your first campaign

For this LeadPal review, I haved looked at how to set up your first campaign and recorded my steps. It took me 2 minutes but that’s oké. When setting up your account you will need to set up your first campaign by clicking on the new campaign button in the top-right of the screen.

LeadPal campaign view

Setup your campaign by filling in your campaign name and giving it your own tag. This will matter more when you have a bunch of campaigns going so just naming it social will do. Make sure to fill in the fallback link two because this URL will be used when visitors click away, try to close the page, or clicks on the cancel button.

Creating a campaign in LeadPal

Then you will only have to choose what social apps you want your users to be able to use to opt-in and if you want to enable GDPR consent for visitors. This is strongly recommended. Finally, you can choose the software you want to integrate your opt-in form with or add them using HTML forms.

The campaign will need a link to gather e-mails so this is our next step. Press on the create LeadPal link on the top right corner of your screen.

Creating a LeadPal Link

Select your campaign and input your target URL. Then click the create link button!

LeadPal link creator screen

Now you will see your links and how many leads it has generated. This link will send the user to the 1 click opt-in form.

Leadpal review link report
Demo page

As soon as they sign up you will have your first lead through LeadPal! Extremely easy as you can share this link anywhere!

LeadPal review product demo

LeadPal review product demo from the developers! Check it out before you buy this package!

What kind of features does LeadPal have?

  • Quickly grow your email list without any tedious coding or technical skills needed
  • Collect leads from visitors with just one click which means more opt-ins
  • Easily share your unique opt-in links on social media, websites, forums and ads platforms
  • Intuitive software that uses advanced modern technology to detect where someone is currently signed in so it displays that social icon first
  • The leads you get are top-quality and 100% verified email addresses which mean more opens, clicks, and sales
  • Connects with most major email marketing tools… GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Sendlane, Mailchimp, and more…

LeadPal review results

Since the software is new,  I won’t be able to supply you with any case studies of the software itself but there is one thing I can do. When looking at social logins it has been proven that this is a lot more effective for making people register on your website. 

A study from Gigya revealed that the main reason people use social logins is to avoid having to fill out forms. This report states that 86% of users report being bothered by having to create new accounts on websites and the same could be said about opt-in forms.

This simple fact would suggest that it is so much easier to increase the amount of opt-in using this technique. With the added bonus of email validation, this software will probably net you good results. Remember that this is different for everybody though so no guarantees.

What does LeadPal cost?

LeadPal Premium – $37

Leadpal premium package

LeadPal Pro – $67 single fee

Pro package

Extra features

  • Remove our Powered by branding
  • Custom domain integration (10 domains)
  • Connect up to 50 social apps

LeadPal Platinum – $27/m or 97/yr

Platinum package

Extra features

  • Unlimited LeadPal leads collections
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Unlimited reminder domain
  • Unlimited reminders pop up set up
  • Unlimited reminder leads
  • Unlimited social accounts
  • Unlimited team members

LeadPal Luxury- $47 single fee

LeadPal Luxury package
  • Resend to unopened
  • Include a special offer
  • Retargeting integration
  • Weekly stats by email
  • QR Code for leads
  • Sync leads to more than 1 autoresponder at a time

LeadPal Whitelabel Right – $297 single fee

LeadPal Whitelabel Right package
  • Rebrandable dashboard
  • Create LeadPal pages and reminders for clients
  • Create clients account (500)
  • White label domain (White label users should be able to use their own domain)
  • Custom email address and logo
  • Re-brandable with your company details and colors
  • Clients can have team members

Final LeadPal review opinion

This software can be very useful if you know where your target group “hangs out” and you should be able to get a bunch of leads very easily. Depending on how much your leads are worth you can set up a target to reach the costs of the software and with average e-mail subscribers that worth 5$ you will need 8 leads to break-even. You can literally do this in a day so what are you waiting for?

This software can net your company with thousands of extra dollars in leads for almost no cost so reaching your RIO should be no problem! What are you waiting for? Start setting up your first campaign right now! Check out my other article about optimizing your forms because they are still important two: Form fields: How to make them better?.

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